As Dr Jekyll found out, all too often the alter ego takes on a life of its own; as now it is with Flashpoint. Once just a side project, the ‘tails’ of the Bitches Sin coin, Flashpoint has now evolved in its own right from its NWOBHM progenitor into a bona fide rock ‘n’ roll band for the Twenty-First Century.

Prepare to be blown away…

John Tucker March 2006

FREE – Download preview length tracks of all Flashpoint albums

Ian Toomey | Frank Quegan |
Steve Turton (drummer) Kev Graham (bass)
‘For further Band Information
contact [email protected]
Official Band Photographer: Ian Macdonald, The Studio. Tel 01229 827872

Buy Flashpoint and Bitches Sin albums on iTunes
October 2006 – You can now buy Bitches Sin and Flashpoint music on iTunes. Click on the following links to go to the correct page in the iTunes Store:
Bitches Sin: Invaders | Flashpoint: No Point Of Reference | Flashpoint: Lazer Love | Flashpoint: FLASHPOINT

Ian appears on Radio 5 Live again!
August 2006 – Monday 28th August 2006, Ian travelled to the BBC Manchester studios to appear again on the Nicky Campbell Radio 5 Live Breakfast Show. This time it was to comment on the Planet Rock radio poll of the Top 20 guitar solo’s and an ad lib of the intro to Voodoo Chile on acoustic guitar!! Click here to listen (3.1Mb MP3)

Our CD’s now pricematched with ASDA!
August 2006 – Buy Flashpoint and Bitches Sin CDs online, direct from the band, at the same price ASDA charges for a CD, and we include free post and packing anywhere in the world too… You can’t beat that! Click here to see online catalogue

Unreleased tracks will be available in 2007
August 2006 – Previously unreleased Flashpoint tracks will be available in 2007 – watch this website for further details.

Classic Rock review of FLASHPOINT – the song remains the same?
June 2006 – “Ear-hurting collection of by-numbers, cliche-grabbing rock/metal with nothing in the way of originality, a decent song or any redeeming feature whatsoever 3/10”
Of course you could always visit our Review page to read the other reviews we have received so far, or better still why not click on the link below and listen to free 1 minute MP3 previews of all our tracks online – make your own mind up!

Ian and Steve attend Classic Rock and Metal Hammer 2006 ‘Golden Gods’ awards
June 2006 – Another June highlight saw Ian and Steve on the Guestlist for the Classic Rock and Metal Hammer ‘Golden Gods’ awards at the KOKO club in London. A major metal moment for all concerned!

Ian at the Awards
Steve at the Awards

June 2006
 – We realise that not everyone has a credit card or wants to buy our CD’s online (for whatever reason). So you can now go to your local music store and request any Flashpoint or Bitches Sin CD – simply tell them that the CDs are distributed by ‘Super D’ – one of the largest one stop music distributors in the world. Super D will send the CD to your store for you to purchase – it’s as easy as that.

March 2006 – 
As we promised – the new Flashpoint album will be available to purchase online on this website from the 15th April. As with all our music you will be able to download a free preview (usually up to 1 minute long) of each track. Flashpoint CD design & artwork by Mark Biddiscombe. Contact [email protected].

January 2006 –
 The brand new Flashpoint album will be released in April 2006. The new album will be called ‘FLASHPOINT’, and will contain 11 tracks. The track names and running order are as follows:
1. Blown Away. 2. Metal Sun. 3. Don’t. 4. Blood Over Sand. 5. Plastic. 6. You’re Going Nowhere. 7. Rivers. 8. Hostage. 9. One More Love. 10. Very Soon Everyone’s Leaving. 11. Sun Dogs.
Additional Production and Mix by Chris Tsangarides at The Dump for Audio Authority Management.


November 2005 – 
Recording of the new Flashpoint album has now been completed and it is currently in the final stages of mixing. It is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2006. The tracklist will be announced on this website as soon as it has been finalised.

October 2005 – 
Preview of all Flashpoint – Lazer Love and No Point of Reference tracks available to download FREE in MP3 format – each preview is the first 1min approximately of the actual track from the album. Try it before you buy it.