Bitches Sin’s unique brand of Metal has influenced the development of the metal scene over the years, with it’s music receiving wide acclaim from all over the world.

This legendary heavy metal band, based in the north of England, were formed in around 1980. After several changes, the definitive line-up of Ian Toomey, Pete Toomey, Frank Quegan, Billy Knowles and Mike Frazer, came together and produced some of the most influential heavy metal music of the 80’s. This culminated in the cult classic, ‘Invaders’ album, released in 1986, which received rave reviews from Aardshock’s Readers Poll, amongst many others. Invaders was essential listening for skate boarders across the USA. Often quoted ‘skate or die’.

This site contains information primarily about Bitches Sin, Flashpoint, and other bands the members have been involved in. There are samples of songs to download, including previously unreleased material.
Check out the Sharalee page, the model who helped launch the band.
FREE – Download the complete previously unreleased ‘Your Place Or Mine’ Bitches Sin album and sample tracks from the Invaders album.
FREE – Download unreleased versions of Flashpoint’s Rock n Roll Heart and No More Love No More Lies
FREE – Download preview length tracks of Flashpoint’s Lazer Love album

Ian Toomey | Pete Toomey | Frank Quegan |
Steve Turton (drummer) Kev Graham (bass) |
‘For further Band Information contact [email protected]
Official Band Photographer: Ian Macdonald, The Studio. Tel 01229 827872

Predator ‘Live in the Studio’ bonus tracks on new release
March 2007 will see the new release of all the outstanding Bitches Sin material including some previously unreleased tracks that include 4 ‘Live in the Studio’ bonus tracks from Predator.  The 4 tracks ‘Hanneke’, ‘April Fool’, ‘Lady Lies’ and ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ are all first take recordings recorded at the end of the session at Moor Green Studios in Easter 1982 and complete the Bitches Sin legacy.

March 2007 “20 Essential Sins” CD release track listing:
Recently digitally remastered at Sound Recording Technology the new Bitches Sin CD “20 Essential Sins” features the following tracks:
Intro, Sign Of The Times, Overnight (YPOM), Livin’ On The Highway, What The Hell, Fallen Star, Over The Top, XF2894, Up For Grabs, Hold On To Love, Ridin’ High, Runaway, Hanneke, April Fool, Lady Lies, The Land That Time Forgot, Overnight (NMC EP), Abduhl’s Boogie, Alligator, The Cry, Destroyer

Bitches Sin: The First Temptation available on iTunes
Buy and download the whole album, or just the individual tracks you like the most. You will need iTunes software (click here for free download) on your PC or Mac to access this link. Bitches Sin: The First Temptation on iTunes Or you can buy the CD in the USA and Canada via CDBaby: Bitches Sin or in Europe from the band direct on this website

‘Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ book now available online
February 2007 – The book ‘Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’, which features Bitches Sin among numerous other NWOBHM acts, can now be purchased online from this website. The book is available from this site for £9.95 (rrp £12.99) plus postage and packing: £1.39 (UK), £2.23 (Europe) and £4.00 (everywhere else). All copies ordered here will carry a personalised message from the author.” Click here to find out more >>

Rodney Matthews
January 2007 – Famous artist Rodney Matthews who was responsible for the excellent ‘Predator’ album sleeve has supplied a link to his website. Visit Rodney and see his fantastic work at www.rodneymatthews.com

A great 2006 – looking forward to 2007
December 2006 – We would like to thank all our fans for helping make 2006 a great year for Bitches Sin and Flashpoint, and wish everyone all the best for Christmas and the New Year. We are especially looking forward to the New Year and our new CD release in March 2007
but we need your help…
To make this our best release ever, we are asking all Bitches Sin fans to look and see if you have any photos you may have taken of the band over the years. If you have and can email any you find in digital format (preferably JPG) to [email protected] we will print the best ones in the full colour booklet that will accompany the CD.

Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival 2006 
Saturday 28th October 2006
 – saw Ian and many other Metal fans at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in Hoorn, Holland. The invitation had been made by Toine and Rita van Poorten of Metal Maidens fame (shown with Ian in the photo opposite) and many Bitches Sin fans received autographs and photo’s with one of the legendary Toomey brothers.  There was also an opportunity to buy Bitches Sin CD’s and the band want send a big thank you to Jess Cox who offered his help and made this possible on the night.

Buy Bitches Sin and Flashpoint albums on iTunes
October 2006 – You can now buy Bitches Sin and Flashpoint music on iTunes. Click on the following links to go to the correct page in the iTunes Store:
Bitches Sin: Invaders | Flashpoint: No Point Of Reference | Flashpoint: Lazer Love | Flashpoint: FLASHPOINT

‘Your Place or Mine’ compilation to be released February 2007
The follow-up to ‘The First Temptation’ – a compilation of Bitches Sin demo’s and previously unreleased tracks will be released on CD in March 2007 and will be titled ‘Your Place Or Mine’ This release will be digitally re-mastered at SRT studios and feature more information on the band.

Ian appears on Radio 5 Live again!
August 2006 
– Monday 28th August 2006, Ian travelled to the BBC Manchester studios to appear again on the Nicky Campbell Radio 5 Live Breakfast Show. This time it was to comment on the Planet Rock radio poll of the Top 20 guitar solo’s and an ad lib of the intro to Voodoo Chile on acoustic guitar!!  Click here to listen (3.1Mb MP3)  

Ian receives his signed copy of the new book “Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” from author John Tucker
September 2006 
– Photo shows Ian receiving a personalised signed copy of ‘Suzie Smiled…’ from the author John Tucker.  Just one of many accolades the band has received in recent weeks. Keep visiting this page for more Bitches Sin news soon. Click here for more details about the book.

Our CD’s now pricematched with ASDA!
August 2006 
– Buy Bitches Sin and Flashpoint CDs online, direct from the band, at the same price ASDA charges for a CD, and we include free post and packing anywhere in the world too… You can’t beat that! Click here to see online catalogue

Ian and Steve attend Classic Rock and Metal Hammer 2006 ‘Golden Gods’ awards
June 2006
 – Another June highlight saw Ian and Steve on the Guestlist for the Classic Rock and Metal Hammer ‘Golden Gods’ awards at the KOKO club in London. A major metal moment for all concerned!

“Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal” by John Tucker
June 2006 – Read all about BITCHES SIN in the fantastic new book SUZIE SMILED… The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, written by NWOBHM expert John Tucker. Click on the link to read more. It is published by Independent Music Press and is available in all good bookshops for £12.99. its full of brilliant stories and facts direct from the band members themselves. Don’t miss it!!

June 2006 – We realise that not everyone has a credit card or wants to buy our CD’s online (for whatever reason). So you can now go to your local music store and request any Bitches Sin or Flashpoint CD – simply tell them that the CDs are distributed by ‘Super D’ – one of the largest one stop music distributors in the world. Super D will send the CD to your store for you to purchase – it’s as easy as that.

May 2006 – Monday 22nd May 2006 saw Ian interviewed on Radio 5 Live by Nicky Campbell about the resurgence of heavy metal after Lordi win the Eurovision Song Contest. Download the BBC Radio 5 Live interview here (please note this is a 6.5Mb MP3 file)

March 2006 – 
As we promised – the new Flashpoint album will be available to purchase online on this website from the 15th April. As with all our music you will be able to download a free preview (usually up to 1 minute long) of each track.

January 2006 –
 The brand new Flashpoint album will be released in April 2006. The new album will be called ‘FLASHPOINT’, and will contain 11 tracks. The track names and running order are as follows:
1. Blown Away. 2. Metal Sun. 3. Don’t. 4. Blood Over Sand. 5. Plastic. 6. You’re Going Nowhere. 7. Rivers. 8. Hostage. 9. One More Love. 10. Very Soon Everyone’s Leaving. 11. Sun Dogs.
Additional Production and Mix by Chris Tsangarides at The Dump for Audio Authority Management.


November 2005 – 
Recording of the new Flashpoint album has now been completed and it is currently in the final stages of mixing. It is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2006. The tracklist will be announced on this website as soon as it has been finalised.

October 2005 – 
Preview of all Flashpoint – Lazer Love and No Point of Reference tracks available to download FREE in MP3 format – each preview is the first 1min approximately of the actual track from the album. Try it before you buy it.

August 2005 – Bitches Sin record the opening ‘SHRED’ jingle for The Old School Metal Show. This high profile 80’s Metal show is hosted by ‘DJ Grinder’ and is very similar in format to The Friday Rock Show that was hosted by the late great Tommy Vance. Download Bitches Sin SHRED Mp3 Check out the Old School Metal Show on www.hardrockin80s.com

July 2005 
– KNAC and KRCK 97.7 internet radio stations are now playing Bitches Sin and Flashpoint.
The previously unreleased Bitches Sin album – Your Place Or Mine now available online as a FREE download in MP3 format. This album contains tracks recorded by Bitches Sin between 1980 – 1987.

April 2005 –
 Ian visited Japan to promote the new Flashpoint Lazer Love CD and met with Shige, Tatasumi. Etsushi, Ryo in Tokyo and Osaka.